5 Jul 2008

Tech support and me

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Tech support, especially by phone, needs to seriously screen the callers beforehand for their level of knowledge. This would save a lot of time for both sides.

How many times have we called up tech support and had to endure going through the steps of inanity?

Yes, I know how to reboot the computer or modem.

Yes, I have already checked for loose plugs/cables.

Yes, I know the difference between Windows and Mac. (Well, forget about calling your run of the mill tech support drone, unless they work for Apple of course, and telling them you use a Mac.)

Yes I know how to disable a bloody firewall.

No, I don't use Internet Exploder. I use Firefox. Oh, you're blaming Firefox? Fine, I'll boot up Exploder to make you happy. Still doesn't work.

If only I can check off all these points before actually talking to a customer support drone.

But of course, by the time we get to that level, the customer support drone's capacity has been exceeded 90% of the time anyway.

Another one to file in the Life Sucks box.

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