27 Mar 2007

The list of topics about Swiss Life

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The topics just about every expat living in Switzerland writes about on their blogs, or at least rants and raves about to the folks in the home country, eventually:

  • The trials of getting 'them' to pick up your garbage. 'They' won't do it unless you do it correctly. This can often be an epic saga.
  • The Laundry Room Nazi (usually the oldest female resident of the apartment building)
  • What do you mean the stores close at 4 pm on Saturday and are closed all day Sunday?? I'm being deprived of my God Given Right to shop all weekend!
  • Swiss Price Sticker Shock, especially for groceries
  • How great the cheese is really
  • How great the chocolate is really
  • Schwiizerdütsch is The Language From Hell
  • Tiny country, four languages, WTF, let me stick to English
  • "Oh my god how beautiful is this place, how clean the air" variations (such as "the streets are so clean you could eat off them", etc.)
  • OMG Cows Everywhere (like fake-cow-pattern-vests)
  • The Föhn post part 1: What Föhn? I don't believe in it!
  • The Föhn post part 2: I believe now. It's not PMS, it's Föhn!
  • How awesomely efficient, clean and nice the Swiss Trains are
  • Skiing Is Great
  • I don't ski, baaa
  • Those Swiss Army uniforms are damn sexy
  • Wow I left my bag by mistake on the floor in some store and an hour later it was still there! (aka the Swiss Low Crime Rate post)
  • The "food here is sorta boring compared to France/Italy" post
  • The "some geezer was rude to me, I suspect racism" post (in my case it was the old lady who used to live next door and refused to say hello to me. But then she also refused to say hello to Frau S, another neighbor, who's from the Ticino...surely Not From Here.)
  • How cold/stiff/hard it is to get to know the Swiss people post
  • How boring/horrible it is to live in Switzerland, compared to (insert almost any country) (some people leave at this point)
  • How nice it is to live in Switzerland, compared to (insert almost any country) (if you make it to this've been here way too long)

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