Doing business as a Japanese businessman in the '60s and '70s

The most recent Mad Men episode reminded me of my father's experiences as a Japanese businessman in Europe and the U.S. back in the late '60s to '70s.

Email woes

To "Victoria": I tried to email you back but your email inbox is full.

So it's really you, not me.

Pot, kettle, black and Kindle: The New Yorker Digital Edition sucks

A recent article in The New Yorker dissing Amazon's Kindle made me snort with sarcastic laughter. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Star Trek, and movie watching in France vs. Switzerland

I've only mentioned this on my About page, but I am a long time Star Trek fan. At one point in my life I even was the type of Trek fan (Trekkie, Trekker, whatever) that went to conventions (though I never got into Trek cosplay). For what it's worth, I have autographed photos of all of the captains except for Jonathan Frakes/Scott Bakula. Yipes.

If there was ever an incentive to plan for the future

Given the current state of the economy and so on, I've become increasingly aware that, as far away as it might seem to be, I should really plan ahead for when I am no longer able to work and earn a living. But still, I know that I am not very well prepared, and my savings are not nearly what they should be.

But today, I heard something that has really affected me.

Well, forget that

Well, forget the last post. Just Stuff I Like hasn't worked out at all, because other things have gotten higher priority now. For the moment Twitter is where I spout my short thoughts, and I'm back here for longer stuff, eventually.

My blog (and life) compartments

Some people can keep all the diverse aspects of their lives together in one big container. I am the opposite: I prefer to compartmentalize my different interests into smaller chunks. I think my lifelong fascination with old typeface trays is related to this.

I find dealing with small chunks of information first, then looking at the whole (and back and forth) to be easier to handle than a whole-at-once approach. I also realize that I tend to like to only present parts of myself to other people, and hold back on others.

The World of Miniatures

From CBS Sunday Morning:

I have been interested in miniatures forever, but am forever procrastinating about it. I have quite a collection of Re-ment now, but mostly in their boxes, until I can figure out how to best display them.

The apartment building in the video is my dream!


Where previously, little fragments of ideas may have gradually accumulated, building up to a big idea in the recesses of your mind, participating in Twitter drains away those ideas as soon as they float by. At the end, you are left with an empty void, and a vague feeling that something is missing.

Drupal 6

I'll finally be changing this site over to Drupal 6 shortly. Since it will be a rehearsal for moving the big sites over too, it should be interesting.

I think I will be keeping the current design - interesting how I haven't tired of it yet.

Update: The upgrade went well except all the Markdown formatting disappeared. That is also now corrected.

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