Bonjour. こんにちは。Hi!

This is the personal site of Makiko Itoh (Maki, 伊藤牧子). Maki is the creator of Just Hungry, a site (mostly) about Japanese cooking, and Just Bento, all about bento box meals. The journal on this site is about art, design, writing, making stuff, culture, web and other geekery, being Japanese abroad, living in France, or basically anything but food. Read more about Maki, or contact her.

Moving over from Feedburner to URI.TV

I'm in the process of updating all of my sites, including this one. (Although I'm not sure I'm going to update the design here. I do like my falling purple leaves.) One of those changes is migrating away from Google Feedburner to another service that handles RSS subscriptions, since it looks like Google is going to abandon Feedburner any day now.

Twitter archive and memories

I downloaded my Twitter archive today for my main account @makiwi. In March 2011, I tweeted 7,041 times. Most of that were my desperate efforts to try to keep people updated with news regarding the earthquake coming from Japan. What a crazy, crazy month that was.

But what a year 2011 was.

Year of the Snake

Every year, Apple Japan creates a great New Year image for their 'hatsu-uri' (first sales of the year) email newsletter. This year is no exception.


Happy New Year to everyone. Hoping that 2012 will be a lot better than 2013!

(I erroneously said previously that it was the year of the dragon, but it's really the year of the snake or serpent. I regret the error. ^_^;)

One morning

I woke up, and no longer felt like I wanted to go right back to bed.


some of my flickr photos