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Macbook Air and other new toys

I can remember a time when just the thought of an ultra-thin, light, elegant laptop like the Macbook Air would have had me running for my wallet to pull out my credit card as fast as possible. But since I'm saving up for a Big Lifechanging Event (which I'll write about here when I'm ready to) and have been watching my spending, I only had a mild upwards blip of the heartrate.

It's sexy, yes. That it supports Touch technology is what made my heart flutter a bit (besides the form factor), though I guess we have to see how well applications will utilize it. It has no Firewire which is a bummer. It would be great if I spent a lot of time hanging out at coffee shops or on grassy campuses. (I can see it doing great amongst students.) I'm going to stick to my plans for a new Macbook Pro soon though.

Coda, or I am a total sucker for pretty

codaleaf.pngEveryone who has been using a Mac for some time is in love with Panic, a small company that has been making awesome Mac software for a long time. I'm no different. I love Panic, and have been using their things for ages. I used Audion before the behemouth called iTunes crushed their cuteness into extinction. I use Transmit as my preferred FTP program. If I still used newsgroups (which I stopped doing a couple of years ago), I'd be using Unison.

Their latest offering is Coda, an all-in-one web development product. On the surface, it's awesome. Under the surface...I'm not quite sure yet.

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