I am still writing quite a bit. Because it's much easier these days to write on my phone, that's what I do. And most of my words end up on Facebook.

Which is fine, for people on Facebook. But apparently there are tons of people out there who do not use Facebook for various reasons. For them, going on Facebook is a pain, so they avoid it.

Which means I need to put my words elsewhere to get to the non-Facebook people. But would the Facebook people be less inclined to read my words if I don't post on Facebook, and just link to my stuff elsewhere? I don't know.

Embrace your blog, you own it

There are a zillion blogs out there, and it may seem like your own, little independent blog will just get lost.

So, the allure of writing for another site, perhaps for someone else perhaps more established than you, may seem to be the best way to go.

It isn't. Unless they are paying you well for your work, don't, I repeat don't, write for someone else's site/blog. If you want to maintain your own voice, and have full control over your own content, create your own.

The worst thing any blogger can do is to go write for another site, for no/minimal pay, and with no clear agreement over who controls the blog.

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