Pre-October 2006 entries are listed over here.

  • My blog (and life) compartments

    Some people can keep all the diverse aspects of their lives together in one big container. I am the opposite: I prefer to compartmentalize my different interests into smaller chunks. I think my lifelong fascination with old typeface trays is related to this.

    I find dealing with small chunks of information first, then looking at the whole (and back and forth) to be easier to handle than a whole-at-once approach. I also realize that I tend to like to only present parts of myself to other people, and hold back on others.

  • The World of Miniatures

    From CBS Sunday Morning:

    I have been interested in miniatures forever, but am forever procrastinating about it. I have quite a collection of Re-ment now, but mostly in their boxes, until I can figure out how to best display them.

    The apartment building in the video is my dream!

  • Twitter

    Where previously, little fragments of ideas may have gradually accumulated, building up to a big idea in the recesses of your mind, participating in Twitter drains away those ideas as soon as they float by. At the end, you are left with an empty void, and a vague feeling that something is missing.

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