25 Oct 2008

My blog (and life) compartments

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Some people can keep all the diverse aspects of their lives together in one big container. I am the opposite: I prefer to compartmentalize my different interests into smaller chunks. I think my lifelong fascination with old typeface trays is related to this.

I find dealing with small chunks of information first, then looking at the whole (and back and forth) to be easier to handle than a whole-at-once approach. I also realize that I tend to like to only present parts of myself to other people, and hold back on others. Some people know sections D, F and G of Makiko while other might know sections E, J and N. I'm not sure if this is a problem or not, but it's just how I am. There are only a handful - less than a handful - of people who know the whole me, or something close to it. I may not even know the whole me.

Anyway, so I think this is why I rarely blog here at anymore, though I think I will reserve any really long essays and such for here. I usually swoosh any ideas that I want to write publicly about elsewhere. You can find my compartments to the left, under 'elsewhere'. The newest addition is Just Stuff I like, which is a Tumblr blog (Tumblog? Tumblrlog?): it's more or less a link and 'hey I found this on the internets) place with a nice minimal layout.

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Independently of you, I seem

Independently of you, I seem to have done the same kind of blog compartmentalizing. :) I like the minimalness of tumblr, but I don't think I have any more to post after my 3 blogs.

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