4 Jan 2008

The bad thing about it-Bay orrent-Tay

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You know about this great way to get all kinds of media downloaded so conveniently to your computer, for free. It goes by the name of, ah, it-Bay orrent-Tay in Pig Latin (translate that won't you). It's technically illegal so of course, I won't admit to using it.

Let's suppose I did use it. As someone who does not live in the U.S., many legal download or online streaming services block me out (U.K. services such as BBC's iPlayer do this too, even though I can legally watch BBC 1 and 2 through my local cable service). I can say heh to those restrictive 'legal' options and go straight for the nonrestrictive download 'services', which are really so much more convenient and easy to use (so I hear).

There's a drawback to having the ability to download thousands of media files whenever one wants though. Once it's downloaded, you have it forever (or until your hardware has a problem). There's no time pressure to watch it or listen to it. So there it lies, stagnating on your hard disks. Soon you have gigabytes of media files cluttering up more and more hard disks. It's not as physically cluttering as a big stack of unread books or unwatched DVDs, but mentally it's just as bad.

I really think there should be a worldwide, non-restrictive download 'rental' service, especially for TV programs. The need to pay would force the user to be selective, the time limit forces the user to actually watch whatever they've downloaded, and the producers get to make money. In the meantime though, one needs some self-discipline to stop oneself from downloading loads of crap that one would never have the time to actually watch. Theoretically, of course.

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I think this problem has got

I think this problem has got worse, although more organisations are now legally offering streaming video from TV.

You can now buy massive hard drives, so there is no need to delete or even be concerned about gigabytes of rubbish stored on your PC. You then have so much stuff that you never watch it and I totally agree with what your saying about downloading somthing for a limited time.

The Xbox games console now allows HD movie rental to be downloaded for a price and it self deletes a few days after you have purchased. Its a good move forwards, just a shame it costs so much to download.

I am with you on the download

I am with you on the download rental concept, that is actually a wonderful idea ! You could just pay a fee to download all you want or something like that.

You say it is technically

You say it is technically illegal, it means that it can't be convenient absolutely. On the other hand it is not a bad thing as you say. We can get all the kinds of media. But I think it is not a good way to save my money, you see.

itbay orrent-Hey?

One can get into a rut. Trying to follow an ever increasing amount of shows, films and just inanity from another culture (Oh so interesting as it may be)to learn the lively edge of modern culture can be like the blind men discovering an elephant. I would be delighted to have exposure to these media in another way, but there are not outlets that allow me access except for the cubic dollars required to purchase adulterated shows that would be commercially viable in the US. There seems to be no middle way. I am not a poor tweener or a 20-30 something who has to live on Ramen 4 nights a week to have a weekend with my friends or a date on Saturday night. I can afford a charge to dip my mental toe into the stream. Currently, it is easier to get (look chance upon...) a program and see if the next one is worth the wait. I have to admit that imposing a limitation of how many Gigs fit onto my hard drive may be a limitation, except that the cost of a TB is so unreasonably cheap and getting more so. Unfortunately for me, the reason for keeping all this stuff (and the dross too) is easier to add to than to cull. There is self deception involved, such as the religious belief that all this is theft or should be completely free if it isn't offered in the untargeted country. Some of the anime I have collected I have purchased because it was available! Almost all I've collected is not. None of the dramas are available here. The films are a lot easier to purchase and I do so. The old internet mind set (all this is a free exchange of information) is long and lamentably past. If there isn't a large amount of money involved there won't be new media. The shark in me tells me to keep swimming with my mouth open. The thinking man in me tells me that this cannot last as it is. The lazy man in me waits for the cudgel to knock me upside the head to stop me from downloading. The rational part of me allows that whatever the solution from the media producers occurs will not be to my benefit but I will abide by it. This is however a theoretical discussion as I have no access to a computer and have no interest in any other media but Disney musicals. Cheers, mysofa

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