14 Mar 2011

Marauding mobs! (Japan earthquake)

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It's now the night of Day 4 of the earthquake in Japan, and I think we can all need to relieve some tension...especially in Japan. This is being retweeted around in Japanese Twitter circles now; being that Japanese is a more compact language all the links and headlines fit in one tweet, but that doesn't work for English. So here is it as a blog post.

The rough translation of the text is: "Mad rush for food. Fighting over scraps. Devastation after riot. Marauding gangs. Is this the reality of Japan? Do not look! DO NOT LOOK!


OK? So, here are the photos to go with those headlines!

"Mad rush for food!"


"Fights over scraps!"


"Devastation after riot!"


"Marauding gangs!"


Enjoy. Or not. At least it's better than that ridiculous panda photo (from 2006, from a zoo in Taiwan) floating around.

Comments on this post:

Scared me for a moment

Job well done. It put a smile on my face :)


Oh man, I was actually very nervous when I read the intro. Thanks for the diffusion of tension Maki! :D

The Riots

So not so inscrutable eh!!

thanks for the smile

Just goes to show, a picture is worth a 1,000 words.


for the laugh, or at least the smile you put on my face, and hopefully on other people's as well!

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