23 Nov 2007

No dating cats.

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I'm more than a bit confused, as to why this site seems to be confusing people.

Case no. 1: on StumbleUpon, the site is classified under, of all things, Dating-Tips. WTF? I don't ever remember offering a dating tip. If you want to find anyone more clueless about the Dating Game than I, I want to meet that person. (Not for a date. I'd be too shy.)

Case no. 2: I got this dubious email today:

I was recently reviewing your Kitty related website in some of the major search engines and I came across your website

Out of all the sites I came across, yours really stood out for me and If you could please spare me just two minutes, I have a business proposition for you as you are in the same market as I am.

(Spammyspeak omitted)

P.S. I hope you don't mind me emailing you, it's just your Cat related website really stood out from the others I came across during my research.

Of course I've never talked about cats. I do not even own a cat. (I've been procrastinating off and on about getting one from a local shelter for months, but it hasn't happened yet.) I've never had even a single LOLCAT here.

(I do wonder about that spam though. Do they mass email sites, trolling through whois records or something, on the offchance that someone does have a Cat-related site? Do so many people talk about their kitties to make this worthwhile? Do they allow for another keyword for the [Cat] and [Kitties] parts in their spam software? What other combinations could they have - [Pups] and [Dogs], [Kids] and [Babies], [Knitting] and [Frogging]?)

I think the only classification this site would fall under would be the vague 'personal blog', with a slight leaning towards geeky subjects. Maybe 'anything but food' would be appropriate.

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