Twitter archive and memories

I downloaded my Twitter archive today for my main account @makiwi. In March 2011, I tweeted 7,041 times. Most of that were my desperate efforts to try to keep people updated with news regarding the earthquake coming from Japan. What a crazy, crazy month that was.

But what a year 2011 was.

Email woes

To "Victoria": I tried to email you back but your email inbox is full.

So it's really you, not me.

Random links

A Happy yet sad web comic, NetNewsWire is free!, and more.

No dating cats.

I'm more than a bit confused, as to why this site seems to be confusing people.

Case no. 1: on StumbleUpon, the site is classified under, of all things, Dating-Tips. WTF? I don't ever remember offering a dating tip. If you want to find anyone more clueless about the Dating Game than I, I want to meet that person. (Not for a date. I'd be too shy.)

Case no. 2: I got this dubious email today:

eh, what?

(English speakers, please excuse me. This rant is in Japanese.)

StumbleUpon, late to the party

stumbleupon.jpegMy online life has evolved quite a bit, but I started out on the interweb blogging- and writing-wise being primarily a techie type, writing about web design, JavaScript and stuff of that nature. I don't do that much any more for various reasons, and I don't follow those types of sites much any more either except for a handful. But I do get my information about what is supposed to be new, hot and awesome from the few of those techie-person blogs that I do follow. That's how I found out about things like, flickr, Twitter, Vox, Myspace (way back when), Facebook, Joost, and so on and on and on. Of those I only still regularly use the first two (where I secured the username maki, as I like to do on any new site if possible).

None of those cool hip techie type blogs has ever really talked much about StumbleUpon, and I don't know why. Because, StumbleUpon is awesome. It is the best way to surf the interweb waves, through thousands of sites that have been pre-selected for you (aka Stumbled Upon) by other people, and filtered according to your interests.

Wayback Machine

Sometimes, I hate the interwebs.

Update: Thanks for your emails of support. It's interesting to know it's happened to other people, and it's also heartening to know I still have a good reputation in the web development community despite my total inactivity in that area recently.

How to make sure your movie gets pirated

Some Hollywood studios have a better clue about how to release their movies worldwide than others. Take the Lord Of The Rings trilogy for example, which got a same-day (with a stagger of a day or so in some cases) release all over the world. Here in Z├╝rich, we even got to see The Return Of the King the day before it got released in the US, because of the time zone difference.

On the other hand, you have this ridiculous release schedule for Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille, a movie I've been waiting to see for more than a year.

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