9 Mar 2008

People do the oddest things

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I occasionally like to post polls on my food blogs. Polls are an easy way for the comment-shy reader to express their opinion. So, I recently put up a poll on Just Bento, What kind of recipes would you like to see more of on Just Bento? , just to get a general idea of what people wanted. Now, the way Drupal polls work is that they restrict votes to one per IP address. Simple enough.

Checking the referer logs last night, I saw some very odd behavior. Someone (I'm assuming it's one person) was accessing the poll post repeatedly, using different proxies. Presumably this person was doing this so s/he could vote multiple times. I mean, why? It's not some kind of contest. It's just a little informal poll. Why even bother cheating like this? And yeah, trying to do it via a proxy which I can clearly see in my site logs is kind of dumb, to put it mildly.

I'm not going to bother closing the poll because of it or so, since it is just an informal poll. But I've looked at the Drupal logs of who cast what vote, and the proxy user's votes have been removed from the totals.

People. Sheesh.

Comments on this post:

Maybe that person was really

Maybe that person was really into that recipe and wanted everyone to like it just as much as they did?

Personally, I like taking

Personally, I like taking part in polls. They are great for getting readers involved in ones blog. Just like commenting!

I too greatly prefer polls

I too greatly prefer polls that only allow one vote per user/IP so as not to skew the results. Otherwise one person with an agenda can fubar the whole poll.

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