17 Mar 2007

Starting a Twitter experiment

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I am one of the fairly large and vocal minority of people who are skeptical about the usefulness of Twitter. I don't see how it's better at communication with people I know than the phone, email, Skype (Skype IM is a very useful tool for people you are frequently on the phone with), IM, IRC channels, snailmail letters, what have you. And I am not that interested in what people I don't know are eating for dinner. Heck I'm not that interested in what people I do know are having for dinner, unless they can write it up and photograph it beautifully and give me the recipes (yay for food blogs).

However, taken as a sort of micro-blog I think it could be useful as a sort of instantly update-able diary.

I'm having some time management problems lately, coupled with a return of the insomnia that beats me down from time to time. (Proof: It's 5:28 AM and I've been up for an hour already.) I often end the week wondering where the hell it went and a feeling of not having accomplished much. So, just like keeping a food diary (which really works to keep a handle on intake) I'm going to try tracking how I'm spending my time in Twitter (mostly using Twitterific). Hopefully it will yield some good data. Or help me waste more time!

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I’m skeptical too. Here in

I'm skeptical too. Here in Japan we've had this kind of thing for a long time, going back to Imahima, Imadoco, and the like. It sort of blipped, then pretty much sunk and disappeared. There are some distinctions that may or may not be relevant. Japan is mostly cell phone oriented, and many people, including all my in-laws, only have cell phone e-mail. They just use e-mail on their cell phones if they do this kind of thing. And kids can type e-mail really fast with one hand, using their thumbs, complete with all kinds of abbreviations. So the popularitly of these services among otherwise sane adults in the U.S. may be a different phenomenon, but that makes it even more mystifying to me.

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