7 Apr 2008

Surely the worst real estate ad photos ever.

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I am house hunting.

Fairly sure I wouldn't want to live here though.


I truly wonder what was going on through this person's mind when they uploaded not one, but three slanty-pics like this.

(Original page) (they've fixed the pics now...they've uploaded rather different ones, it looks like.)

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That's something else. I can

That's something else. I can just imagine the type "And if you look really really close and tilt your head at a 45-degree angle, you can almost see a window!"

This is hilarious, thanks

This is hilarious, thanks for the great find.

Maybe they were drunk when

Maybe they were drunk when they uploaded it? Then it would look normal...

It’s a slanty world they

It's a slanty world they live in. Careful. Your anti-slanty animus is showing.

I’ve sometimes had

I've sometimes had problems where a browser and an image encoding format have not agreed and similar things have happened. The image decoder gets the number of pixels per horizontal line wrong and shears the image. I fixed it in Photoshop with two maximum applications of Filter > Distort > Shear and then one Filter > Other > Offset > Horizontal.

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