15 Nov 2007


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I am grateful to my parents for many things, and resent them for a few others. I think that's fairly average. But if there is one thing for which I will harbor a grudge against them until I die, it's that they didn't have my tonsils taken out when I was younger.

Every year, often several times a year, I get tonsilitis. Most of my colds come via my tonsils. I woke up this morning, unrested and tired, because my tonsils felt like two burning rocks of pain.

Somewhere in between all the moving we did between Japan, England and the U.S. when I was at the right age for that tonsil surgery, the opportunity to get them out was lost. Now it's likely way too late. So every year I must suffer. I don't need them. I want them out.

If you are parents and your kids have tonsil problems, please, get them dealt with. Or they will hate you forever.

Off for some Ricola tea, and possibly ice cream.

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Am convalescing at home now-- the procedure was very quick, and am now drinking lots of fluids and eating okayu with furikake. Thanks for the good wishes!


I hope you will feel better soon Yoko!

Coincidentally, I am getting

Coincidentally, I am getting my tonsils out next week. I clearly remember my pediatrician advising my parents not to take my tonsils out as a kid-- he incorrectly predicted they would shrink when I got older. They didn't. I, too, get tonsillitis/strep throat predictably every year, so this year, I've decided I've had it. I've been told the recovery time for adults from a tonsillectomy is far worse than what it would be for a child. Well, so be it. I'm preparing myself for it by buying sorbets, teas, and soups.

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