1 Mar 2008

What Thing-a-Day taught me

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I started out the Thing-a-Day month doing little drawings. I could have just sketched stuff, but several crumpled up sheets of paper went by as I threw away many attempts. So I did some little cartoon like drawings, which were sort of ok. The one I liked the best myself was this one.

The sartorial bunny (no. 4)

I called it the Sartorial Bunny.

But then I got rather dissatisfied with the scribbiliness of the drawings. It turns out that I am much happier when I can work for some time on something until it's done to my satisfaction. On the other hand, I get so obsessive about details that I often can't finish things.

So, I decided to finish two projects that had been lying around for years, neglected. Both are needle books, with rather small and detailed cross stitch.

This one is about the size of my palm. The motif is a Scottish thistle. It's from a kit by Textile Heritage, an Edinburgh company. I bought the kit originally back in 2000, in Edinburgh at Jensens department store. And it's finally done.

Thing-a-day '08 project - needle book

The other one - I don't even remember when or where I got it. It was lying in a plastic case where I have a lot of beads and things stored, almost finished. So now it's finished. It's about half the size of the thistle needlebook.

Thing-a-day '08 project 2: rosebud needle book

Finishing even such tiny projects is quite satisfying in its way. I wish I had the means to just do this kind of thing all day, instead of you know, work and such things.

The rest of my Thing-a-Days, which weren't quite Thing-a-Day, are in this photoset.

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Very beautiful if I do say so

Very beautiful if I do say so myself , the designs are so well made and striking. I hope you can make more designs to show us.

thanks for sharing^^

-Dino Delellis

You are quite a creative

You are quite a creative person I must say. The sketch is really good. I wonder what is the time taken for the embroidery, must be needing some patience to finish it. Nice work.

I agree those embroideries

I agree those embroideries are very nice. Ive tried doing them a few time but I was never good at them. The rabbit drawing is nice too.

Lol your just like me. I can

Lol your just like me. I can never finish a project. I get into something then get bored and move onto my new venture.

Thing is though your left with loads of unfinished projects that need finishing.

The Rabbits good btw


Those embroideries are

Those embroideries are beautiful! When I got my first sewing machine I started working on very simple things and I hope to work my way up to something like this.

I think that rabbit picture

I think that rabbit picture is really good. Keep up the good work ;-)


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