Funassyi products at the Tokyo Toy Show, starring...

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Funassyi products at the Tokyo Toy Show, starring Funagoro

Funassyi’s little brother, the half-pear, half-caterpillar fairy Funagoro, was spotted working the Bandai booth at the 2015 Tokyo Toy Show, which is being held in the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition and conference center until Sunday. Apparently Funagoro was being quite cheeky, grabbing at customers and so on.

The Funassyi and Funagoro related products on display were Funassyi no Meisshi (Funassyi’s Name Cards) collectible cards, a Funassyi plastic model construction kit (last photo), small Funassyi, Funagoro and other Funa sibling figurines on a stick, and something called Funagoro’s Antenna (ふなごろーの触覚), a green vaguely rude looking device that can read data of the Meisshi cards and speak. It can even translate Japanese into Funassyi-language, whatever that may be. 

It’s great if Funagoro can do some of these events instead of Funassyi, who will be at Sanrio Puroland on Sunday

Photo sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, 7. You can see a lot more photos of the Bandai booth and all the figures they have on display at the 7th link.

A great animated GIF of Funassyi being sent flying by the evil...

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A great animated GIF of Funassyi being sent flying by the evil machine (which my spouse tells me is a demolition claw-kind of thing) on last night’s The Last Cop. See this post for a recap of the Funassyi part of the episode. (via)

More Japan Post Service Funassyi merchandise and another set of...

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More Japan Post Service Funassyi merchandise and another set of stamps

In addition to the Funassyi postage stamps I posted about earlier, the Japan Post Service will also sell 4 Funassyi items to commemorate his birthday on July 4th. They are pictured in the top 2 images: multi-purpose pouches in 2 designs; 2 stationery pads; and an inkan (seal) case. Funassyi postcards and stickers will be available too. All items will be available from June 26th at more than 4,000 post offices nationwide.

There also seems to be a second set of Funassyi stamps, where he’s dressed as a pear farmer.

You can download PDFs of all the stamps and merchandise above from this Japan Post Service page (the first 4 PDFs; the other two are lists of post offices where the Funassyi merch will be available).

(Related news story/press release)

For a limited time, you can read the July installment of...

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For a limited time, you can read the July installment of Funassyi’s manga Hyahaa Dayo♪ Funassyi for free online on the Korokoro Comics site.

Funassyi gets swiped into the air by an evil...

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Funassyi gets swiped into the air by an evil terrorist-controlled machine on The Last Cop

Funassyi played himself on the premiere 2-hour episode of the police drama-comedy The Last Cop, which aired on Friday, June 19th on both Nichitele (Nippon TV) and Hulu Japan.

The scene: The younger detective excitedly tells the older one, who has woken up from a coma after 30 years, and who is dismayed that the stars he is familiar with like Michael J. Fox, Onyanko Club and Kenji Sawada are no longer popular (see previous post for the premise of the show) that they have an assignment to protect “the most popular entertainer of our time”. That entertainer turns out to be Funassyi, of course.

The police have gotten a tip that the computers controlling voice-activated heavy machinery have been hacked, possibly by a mysterious terrorist organization they’re pursuing. Funassyi just happens to be on stage demonstrating a demolishing machine (not the usual kind of event he does in real life, but nevermind), and the two detectives are sent there to observe in case something happens. However, the older one (the one who just woke up from a coma) is so depressed that a kigurumi (someone in a padded suit) is now the most popular entertainer in Japan, that he goes off to have a smoke. The younger detective however is very happy to watch the show, even pulling out his phone to take pictures.

The show is going well for a while, then the machine stops moving - its controls have been taken over by a hacker-terrorist using a tablet! The MC asks Funassyi if saying “nassyi nassyi” to the machine would work, to which he says “No that doesn’t work nassyi” rather shortly. (For some reason I found this part hilarious.) Then, in typical Funassyi fashion, he toddles up to the machine to try to talk sense into it. All of a sudden, the mechanial arm swings back - and rushes straight to Funassyi’s face. WHAM! - Funassyi goes flying into the air…

Later on, Funassyi is being carried on a stretcher, with someone off-screen shouting at him, “Funassyi-san, are you all right??” Funassyi says cheerfully, “I’m OK nassyi!” as he is hauled onto an ambulance…

Funassyi did a great job acting, even though he was playing himself. It’s not the first time he’s been on a scripted show - he was on a TV series in November 2013 too - but I think he’s improved a lot. 

Ironically, a competing 2-hour drama special, another cop drama, was airing on another network (Fuji TV) at the same time as The Last Cop. It had a scene where the two main detectives dress up in yuru chara suits to promote community safety or something, and one of them says “Yuru chara are so in these days! Funassyi is a huge star!”

Funassyi is everywhere….

Oh no! Funassyi is being carried onto an ambulance!!Not to worry...

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Oh no! Funassyi is being carried onto an ambulance!!

Not to worry though – this is a scene from the police drama/comedy The Last Cop, which premiered tonight. It’s amazing that Funassyi looks so cheerful and er, intact, after what happened to him though…. ^_^

I’ll have more screenshots and a recap of Funassyi’s scenes later.

A sharp eyed fan spotted Funassyi conferring with Chōsei...

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A sharp eyed fan spotted Funassyi conferring with Chōsei Tōnyū-kun at the Gotouchi Character Festival In Sumda Ward a couple of weeks ago, and asked Funassyi what he was saying to his fellow yuru chara. Funassyi replied that he told him “Whatever you do, don’t into trouble with the police”. Speaking from experience…? ^_^;

Chōsei Tōnyū-kun (his name means “flavored soy milk”) is a yuru chara from Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. (His official birthplace is Akihabara.) He started out 3 years ago, around the same time Funassyi was created, as a personal project by an individual who loves soy milk, and is now if officially recognized bythe Japan Soy Milk Association  - although they don’t really feature him that much on their website, and his own official site doesn’t mention the connection with the Soy Milk Association at all. It’s a bit murky.

This is what Chōsei Tōnyū-kun looks like from the front. Yep, definitely a face that looks like trouble.

You can follow him on Twitter, if you are so inclined.There used to be a Muchōsei Tōnyū-kun (unflavored soy milk) character too, and the two cartons…mascots…worked in pairs, but the unflavored one seems to have been quietely mothballed.

To demonstrate the size of the Red Riding Hood Funassyi hand...

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To demonstrate the size of the Red Riding Hood Funassyi hand mirror (previously),  Rapiit, the maker of the hand mirror, tweeted this photo with the item next to an iPhone 5 with a silicone Funassyi cover on it. You can’t help noticing how well loved the Funassyi iPhone cover is. Clearly they believe in using their own products. ^_^

Recap of episode 60 (week 12, episode 5) of Funassyi no...

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Recap of episode 60 (week 12, episode 5) of Funassyi no Funafunafu na Biyori. Funassy bakes bread - and the serial entrepreneur girl returns…

Funassyi is bouncing around town, when he runs into the girl who we met previously as a flower shop owner in episode 15 and a cafe waitress in episode 41. This time she is running a bakery. She tells Funassyi that they have great bread, but she’s having trouble attracting customers because they don’t have a signature bread. Of course, Funassyi wants to help! He comes up with the idea of a nashi pear bun. He makes the pear cream filling, while the bakery girl makes the dough (Funassyi is impressed at how she attacks the dough). When the pear buns are baked, they look like little Funassyi faces, and are an immediate hit. Once again Funassyi has helped out a local business!


  • So now I am convinced that this young lady is indeed a serial entrepreneur, as I speculated in the episode 41 recap.
  • Funassyi buns exist in real life. There are a few different ones, but the best known one (and probably the one that inspired this episode) is made by a local Funabashi bakery called Peater Pan (”pan” is Japanese for bread*). This is their Funassyi bun. It is filled with pear jam and yogurt cream, and retails for 151 yen each.

Peater Pan was already a well known Funabashi bakery (they proudly proclaim that they use stone ovens) before they introduced the Funassyi bun, but the bun does help attract new customers to their stores. Incidentally, Funassyi does not ask local Funabashi businesses to pay him a licensing fee when they make Funassyi products, and Peater Pan is no exception. He introduced the Funassyi bun on a TV show once as a great gift to buy in Funabashi, so he obviously knows about it and doesn’t mind that they are selling his face as buns. ^_^

(*The word “pan” is imported from Portuguese (páo), the first European country that Japanese people had contact with.)

Red Riding Hood Funassyi at the Funassyi Marché popup storeThe...

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Red Riding Hood Funassyi at the Funassyi Marché popup store

The Funassyi Marché (Market) is a kind of travelling Funassyi-merchandise popup store, which is set up in various locations around Japan, usually in department stores or big supermarkets. Like the other regular Funassyi retail outlets (Funassyiland, Kiddyland, Loft, etc.) the Marchés have their own exclusive Funassyi products. The latest Funassyi Marché is in the Daimaru department store in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, and features these Funassyi Red Riding Hood products. The one at top is a small mascot toy (about 10cm tall) and the two bottom photos are of a hand mirror.

The Funassyi Marché at Daimaru Shinsaibashi is open until June 23rd.

Australian DJs Nervo visited Kiddyland Harajuku, and were...

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Australian DJs Nervo visited Kiddyland Harajuku, and were apparently very taken by the Funassyi merchandise there, especially the toilet rolls. They bought a Usavitch + Funassyi face purse. (They were also fascinated by Kirimi-chan, exclaiming several times that “it’s salmon!”) The screenshots are from the Fuji TV morning news program Mezamashi TV.

Funassyi on The Shonen Premium Club, Part 2After the events...

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Funassyi on The Shonen Premium Club, Part 2

After the events described in Part 1, Funassyi was given the job of judging the proposals by the four KAT-TUN boys for a new yuru chara to represent The Shonen Premium Club show. After all, who better to ask than the most successful character of them all?

Funassyi actually gave some good critiques to the character designs - his comments gave some insight into what it takes to create a yuru chara that works. For instance, he called the backstory given to one of the characters “dramatic and full of pathos”, which would appeal to some fans. He didn’t like one character whose design and backstory was too complicated, while to another one, basically a regular guy dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt like the “assistant directors” (the grunt workers on a Japanese TV show) dress in, he said “I tried to find something nice to say about it but I can’t - why not just have an AD (assistant director) stand around?”

Another character had a suit with a hole cut out for the face of the person inside to poke through, but apparently if the inside person’s face is showing, the character design can’t be registered with the national yuru / gotouchi chara association.

In the end, Funassyi chose a very simple character (7th screenshot) presented by Tatsuya Ueda called Pero-o, which doesn’t do much except for pooping and drooling and has high uric acid levels from eating unhealthy foods. He said he liked the simplicity of the character.

A couple of things Funassyi said in the course of the critiques pertaining to himself: He keeps the gestures and moves that work with fans, such as the Hyahaa! jump, the puriketsu move of sticking out his butt, and so on, and discards the ones that don’t work. He also said that his “real name”, Funadius the Fourth, was something he tweeted off the cuff as a joke, but fans (as well as the media) took it seriously so it stuck. In other words he is always working on his act.

At the end, KAT-TUN learned the routine for Funa Funa Funassyi and danced behind Funassyi as he performed it.
Everyone seemed to be having a great time, and it was a really enjoyable show for Funassyi fans. 

You can see fairly bad quality but viewable videos of Funassyi’s segments on the show from the following links: I’m not going to post the videos themselves though, in case they get taken down.

Funassyi as Peter Pan? I don’t know when this was taken, but...

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Funassyi as Peter Pan? I don’t know when this was taken, but Funassyi looks adorable in anything. (via The Pear)

Funassyi peeking around a corner… (via the Pear)

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Funassyi peeking around a corner… (via the Pear)

Recap of episode 59 (week 12, episode 4) of Funassyi no...

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Recap of episode 59 (week 12, episode 4) of Funassyi no Funafunafu na Biyori. Guressyi on a Thursday?! Plus the Pear God returns!

Nashigami-sama (the Pear God) asks Funassyi to take photos of his life in the human world, and hands him a Funassyi colored smartphone. Guressyi is peeking in the window, and plans to jump in every time Funassyi is taking a photo so that the pear fairies back home can see how cool Guressyi is. As Funassyi goes around town, school and so snapping photos, Guressyi runs in and jumps into each one. Funassyi goes back to his Pear Hut and shows Nashigami-sama the pictures he took….but every one has a blurry pink thing in it, which looks like a ghost or something!


  • I think this is the first time Guressyi has appeared on a day other than Wednesday. Maybe he’s getting more popular. The story made more sense with Guressyi though rather than the Gonassyi brothers for instance.
  • Although the smartphone Funassyi is using is probably some kind of special Pear Fairy version, you Funassyify your regular human smartphone by putting a Funassyi case on it. This case for the iPhone 5/5s may be the one that looks most like the phone Funassyi is using, and is available on Amazon.

A few other Funassyi smartphone accessories are available on too.(There are more Funassyi accessories available from Japan, but I need to write that “how to buy Funassyi goods from Japan” post….) 

Funassyi on The Shonen Premium Club, Part 1Funassyi’s second TV...

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Funassyi on The Shonen Premium Club, Part 1

Funassyi’s second TV appearance on June 17 (previously) was so Funassyi-action-packed that I’m dividing the recap and screenshots into two parts!

Funassyi arrived at the NHK studios by taxi, and was greeted by the KAT-TUN boys. At first he had trouble passing the security checkpoint, because he didn’t have a pass but insisted that he could get in “with my face”. Fortunately one of the KAT-TUNs lent him his pass.

It was revealed that Kazuya Kamenashi, whose last name is written 亀梨 - “turtle pear”, is actually a prince in the pear fairy world, called Kamenassyi. He seemed quite happy about that, giving Funassyi a “Kame juice bushaa!” and everything.

Funassyi and KAT-TUN stopped by the NHK kiosk, then Funassyi needed to get some money out of the ATM so they could go get lunch at the commissary. Apparently Funassyi has an account at the NASHI BANK; his ATM card (5th screenshot) which lists his full name (Funadius The Fourth), and his account number (7474-274-274274-0). It has a chip and everything. His account balance is also revealed - more than 200 million yen (6th screenshot). Funassyi says the zeros are nashi pears… In any case, the pear is treating!

At the commissary, they all order cold soba noodles. Funassyi gets a portion installed through his Illusion, and says the soba is delicious (Oishii!!). After they’ve eaten, Funassyi is a bit tired so the KAT-TUNs pull him to the studio in a cart. 

They also revealed “13 Funassyi Secrets”. They are as follows:

  1. Funassyi travels by taxi. 
  2. Kamenassyi is a prince in the Pear Fairy World.
  3. Funassyi can bypass NHK Studio’s security because they recognize his face. (Not really.)
  4. Funassyi appeared on NHK’s big year-end song show Kohaku Utagassen in 2014, considered a big honor for Japanese entertainers. (He also appeared in 2013.)
  5. He doesn’t quite get KAT-TUN member Junnosuke Taguchi’s jokes.
  6. Funassyi’s likes to read business and information-type magazines. 
  7. His main bank is the Nashi Bank. 
  8. Funassyi has more than 200 million yen in his bank account.
  9. Nashi pear hands have joints!
  10. He eats through his Illusion (his back zipper).
  11. The mouth on his face is a fake. 
  12. Whenever food is installed through his Illusion, it must be uninstalled…
  13. Funassyi plays games on his smartphone when he’s on standby in the green room.

In Part 2, Funassyi judges some yuru chara designs, and then KAT-TUN are backup dancers as Funassyi performs Funa Funa Funassyi!

A few screenshots from the first TV program Funassyi was on on...

We Love Funassyi - Wed, 2015-06-17 19:37

A few screenshots from the first TV program Funassyi was on on the evening of June 17th, the Music Festival on Wednesday show on Fuji TV  (“>previously). Funassyi was one of the guests during the live broadcast, so all he had to do was to react enthusiastically as various singers performed their hits from the 1960s to the 2000s. (He seemed particularly familiar with the 1960s…hmm.) The show started with all the guests performing Ue o Muite Arukou, which is known as the Sukiyaki Song outside of Japan and was a huge hit in the ‘60s. Funassyi ended every other line with “Hyahaa!” which was a trifle distracting. ^_^;

The last screenshot shows TV personality and designer Tomoe Shinohara (who tweeted this shot) sitting next to Funassyi. You can tell she really loves him. (You can often tell which of the celebrity guests on these variety-type shows likes Funassyi, and which are indifferent towards him. Most are too professional to show active dislike towards him though, at least these days when he’s an acknowledged star. (In the early days he was treated a lot worse…^_^;)

Happy Birthday Funassyi Postage Stamps from Japan Post...

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Happy Birthday Funassyi Postage Stamps from Japan Post Service

Funassyi’s official birthday is July 4th (7 4 = na shi). To wish him Happy Birthday, the Japan Post Service is issuing a set of special “Omedeto (Congratulations) Funassyi” postage stamps. The set includes a postcard and a clear file folder, and can be ordered at post offices nationwide from June 26th to September 30th. They can be used as regular postage stamps of course. (They also issued a set of Funassyi stamps last year.)

Image source (Japan Post Service official Twitter)

Recap of episode 58 (week 12, episode 3) of Funassyi no...

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Recap of episode 58 (week 12, episode 3) of Funassyi no Funafunafu na Biyori. Funassyi picks up garbage on the streets, but of course it’s Guressyi Wednesday…

Funassyi is excited to help out around town by picking up garbage. He’s all set with a backpack and long tongs. Unbeknownst to him though, Guressyi is spying on Funassyi (since it’s Wednesday), and up to no good as usual. The pink one opens up a trash bag and scatters the contents all over the sidewalk, and chuckles evilly while he waits for Funassyi to come along. But before he gets to the trash-covered corner where Guressyi lurks, Funassyi crosses the street! Dismayed, Guressyi’s first instinct it to pretend like nothing happened and sneak away, but he feels guilty and starts to put the trash back into the bag.

As Guressyi is picking up the garbage he flung all over, he hears a voice behind him saying “Wow, you’re doing a great job!” He turns and sees a very pretty girl standing behind him and turns a bright orange-red! The girl bends down to help, and their hands touch…and Guressyi turns even redder! He says “It’s OK, Guressyi will do it”, and happily continues picking up the trash while the girl looks on. In the meantime, Funassyi continues picking up trash on the other side of the street, totally unaware of what’s going on with Guressyi… 


  • I’m not sure who this girl is - it could be the one from the cafe, or someone different. But Guressyi is smitten for sure.
  • This episode was mostly about Guressyi, but Funassyi wearing that trash-bag-backpack is so cute!
  • So if a pink pear fairy blushes, apparently it turns orange-red…

The Funa Pet line of outfits for dogs announced earlier goes on...

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The Funa Pet line of outfits for dogs announced earlier goes on sale later this week at Funassyiland in Lalaport Tokyo Bay, Funabashi. They come on adorable reusable Funassyi hangers as shown. The outfits will be available at pet shops and other retail stores in July.

Photo source

some of my flickr photos