Classic nimono #washoku

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Mystery food on a stick ^_^

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500 yen sushi #imustbeinjapan

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Just two little Pear Fairies resting. (Via) 

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Just two little Pear Fairies resting. (Via

Funassyi will be conducting an “unofficial tryout” for the Chiba...

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Funassyi will be conducting an “unofficial tryout” for the Chiba Lotte Marines baseball team. This is an event primarily for kids, although adults can watch too of course. The event will take place on Chiba Prefecture Residents’ Day. Details as follows: 

  • Date and time: June 15th, 2016 starting at 11:00 
  • Place: Central Square on the 1st floor of the North Building, Lalaport Tokyo Bay, Funabashi
  • Seating and viewing places

Priority seating is reserved for members of the Lalaport Tokyo Bay Kids’ Club; one adult may accompany each child. There is also preferred seating for 74 people; if you buy 2,160 yen worth of merchandise at Funassyiland Funabashi inside Lalaport Tokyo Bay from now until Sunday, June 5th, you’ll be entered into a drawing for one of those places. Finally there will be 350 general-viewing places available; the drawing for one of those places (no purchase required for this drawing) will take place at 9:00 on June 15th at Harbor Way in Lalaport Tokyo Bay. 

Official page on Lalaport Tokyo Bay site 

Photo source (The Pear “photosynthesizing” at the Sumida event)

Since his concerts at the Budokan and Osaka Jo Hall were...

We Love Funassyi - Wed, 2016-06-01 20:50

Since his concerts at the Budokan and Osaka Jo Hall were announced, Funassyi has been singing a few phrases from a song called Under The Big Onion (大きな玉ねぎの下で) from time to time; he sang it again at the Sumida event on Sunday. Under The Big Onion was a big hit for a rock band called Bakufu-Slump in 1989. The Big Onion refers to the onion-shaped golden dome on top of the Budokan, which is probably why Funassyi has been singing it so often. The composer of the sing, Bakufu-Slump’s leader Sunplaza Nakano-kun, heard that Funassyi had been singing the song and tweeted his approval back in April, thrilling the Pear. 

There are lots of clues as to how old the Pear Core might be…his intimate knowledge of this late ‘80s classic is another one of those. 

This is a video of Bakufu-Slump performing the song in a concert. It’s actually a bittersweet song about two penpals (this was the ‘80s after all) who are in love, but are too young and poor to meet in person. The boy breaks open his piggy bank and buys concert tickets, and sends one to the girl with the message “let’s meet at Budokan”. He waits there all night, under the dome, for her to come, but she never does. 

Funassyi made 3 stage appearances at the Gotouchi Character...

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Funassyi made 3 stage appearances at the Gotouchi Character Festival In Sumida 2016 in Sumida Ward, Tokyo on Sunday, along with Funyassyi. It looks like more and more fans are warming up to the white cat version of Funassyi, so I guess we can expect to see more especially if Funassyi’s schedule continues to be full. 

The videos of the sessions are a bit of a mixed bag. One session for instance was marred by the booming voice of an organizer yelling to the crowd to keep them in order, drowning out what Funassyi and the new male MC are saying. Funassyi is very different - looser, perhaps - with the new MC, as opposed to Aicchy. We’ll see if their chemistry gets better if they continue to work together. 

Anyway, here are videos from the day. The The video is from EMI274, who as always did an excellent job of editing key clips together. Except for the screaming man in the first 10 minutes or so, which she can’t do anything about, the rest is great. 

Next up, a 2-part video of the 2nd (2pm) session at Sky Arena from Nagano Teruo. 

Finally, the Funa/Funya pair made an appearance at the chaotic closing ceremony, along with a bunch of other chara. The video is from Hope Moon.

Upcoming Funassyi Events: Week of May 30, 2016

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Here’s the weekly roundup of upcoming Funassyi events. I’ve bolded the new items since last week’s...

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