15 Jan 2007

This is not a post drooling about the iPhone

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I have always been an early adopter of non-computer Apple products. I got two (yes, two) Newtons. As soon as I saw the first iPod, I put a pre-order in for one. (Unfortunately that original iPod was lost by someone, not me (cough) on a plane going from Atlanta to Orlando in 2005.) I have owned 3 iPods so far.

While the iPhone is very beautiful, I am not as enamoured of it as many people seem to be. This is partly due to the iPhone itself, and the choices made for it (closed system, grr), and partly due to my reluctance to put so much into a cell phone.

I own a cell phone, of course. It's a necessary evil of modern life. I think my current one is my 6th or 7th - I've lost count. I like it well enough - it is triband, so I can use it in the U.S. as well as Europe, it takes messages, I can text message on it okay, and so on. It even has a Walkman in it if I chose to use it, and I use it quite often as a backup camera. (It's great for sneaking shots in a store that doesn't allow you to shoot pictures.)

I'm not sure if I really want an all-purpose single device though. My fear is that if the single all-purpose gadget breaks down, then my life, or part of it, will shut down with it. I don't mind carrying 2, 3 small gadgets really. But then I am a female, who carries around a handbag or backpack all the time, so that may make a difference.

The other thing is that my past experience with small PDAs/computers hasn't been good. I've owned those Newtons, a couple of Palms, and even something called a Poquet PC way back when. I spent more time trying to figure out uses for them to justify my investment than actually using them. The only time I was happy to have a Palm was when I had to go in for jury duty, and I had to wait for hours and hours between whatever. I had loaded up a few Star Trek novels on the Palm, and they really helped to pass the time. But that was really it. I keep my schedule and whatever on my laptop, which is small and light enough to bring along if need be, but otherwise I'm fine with printing out what I need, or even going without. Who needs a to-do list with them all the time, honestly.

There's a big advantage to not having gadgets with you all the time I think - it gives you blank pockets of time, to just think, or take a nap. I get a lot of ideas when I'm taking a shower, because it's a forced pocket of blank time. Without all the gadgety distractions for it, all kinds of interesting things flow into the brain. (And no, I don't have a shower radio.)

I hope they bring that iPhone form factor to an iPod though. That one I'd buy yesterday.

(Off topic, but if anyone is wondering why no new daily pictures - I am drawing on, but am behind on the scanning/photo-ing part. I didn't realize how much time that part of it was going to take. I guess I will have to figure out a more streamlined process...)

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