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  • Assholes armed with a validation button


    I've had the pleasure of being informed that my pages do not validate a number of times. I suppose it's because way back then I used to write about web design and stuff, and my old articles are still floating out there on the interwebs. Guess one reason why I've basically stopped writing about such things.

    (I know exactly where and why my pages don't validate. Go away.)

  • I guess I have a blind spot

    A part of my post here about Drupal is quoted on a BlogHer post about the lack of women at the latest DrupalCon in Boston. It's all because I left a comment on Shelley Powers' site. Rats, I need to hide more.

  • Ranking blogs according to blog links is useless

    I recently got an email from yet another site that wants to rank blogs. Yawn.

    Their pitch went something like this: "We rank blogs according to how many incoming links they have from other blogs. We do not count sidebar links."

    In other words, yet another thing that attempts to rank how much inner-blog circle crosslinking/circle jerking there is.

    This kind of thing totally ignores the fact that a blog is not necessarily a platform for inner-blog conversation anymore, if it was at all in the first place. Blog programs nowadays are used for easy publishing and updating of any kind of web site.

  • People do the oddest things

    I occasionally like to post polls on my food blogs. Polls are an easy way for the comment-shy reader to express their opinion. So, I recently put up a poll on Just Bento, What kind of recipes would you like to see more of on Just Bento? , just to get a general idea of what people wanted. Now, the way Drupal polls work is that they restrict votes to one per IP address. Simple enough.

  • What Thing-a-Day taught me

    Something I learned about myself: I am somewhat obsessive, like to show the finished article, and hate time constraints. But still, there was a bunny.

    The sartorial bunny (no. 4)

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