11 Nov 2007

eh, what?

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(English speakers, please excuse me. This rant is in Japanese.)


Also the author of the blog is half Japanese, who has lived in Japan throughout her childhood...

なんで、そしてどこからハーフジャパニーズっていう情報を入れたんでしょう。私は一度もそんなことを言ったことがないし、サイトの About にも半分日本人だなんてどこにも書いていません。



おかしいことに、そのサイトには the author... is half Japanese と書いてあるだけでなく、who has lived in Japan throughout her childhood とも書いてある。実は どっちも嘘です。両親とも日本人だけど、子供時代は日本、イギリス、アメリカとあちこちで過ごしたわけだから。



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doumo okashii, ne.

I'm viewing your blog via Firefox, which allows me to read kanji, but I don't have the plugin to write in it, alas, so I'm going to write in English instead of roomaji Japanese. Well, the half of you that's Japanese writes it very well! Seriously though, yeah, I don't understand where this person got the idea that you were "half" Japanese. Given that your parents are from Japan, there's really no "half" anything in your family background, and since you've lived in several countries now, I wouldn't presume to split your cultural identity in any sort of way. I identify myself as being Japanese-American, but it doesn't mean I'm half Japanese, half American in any sense (whatever being American means). It's way more complicated than that. Anyway, yeah, probably better to ignore this description, and this person. (I know you wrote this some time ago, so you already have!)

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