10 Dec 2007

Menu For Hope IV raffle prizes

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Just in case you are the odd type of person who reads this blog but not my food blogs, both Just Hungry and Just Bento are offering prizes this year for Menu For Hope, a charity fundraising even that last year managed to raise more than $62,000. This year it will earmark funds towards the World Food Programme's school lunch programme (or program, if you're USen) in Lesotho, Africa.

The Just Hungry prize is for the hedonist: 53 bars of Swiss chocolate (code EU13). And the Just Bento prize is for your favorite bento lover: a box of bento goodies plus a book with English translations (code EU14).

Go ahead and buy tickets for both! It's for a great cause, and will give you warm fuzzies all over.

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Bento Prize EU14

Hi Maki! Usually I post as Reiko on your Just Bento blog. I generally use my middle name (Rei or Reiko). My full name is Jennifer Rei Kasuga Iriye and I guess I was the winner of the drawing. Please feel free to contact me using the above email.

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