Drupal 6

I'll finally be changing this site over to Drupal 6 shortly. Since it will be a rehearsal for moving the big sites over too, it should be interesting.

I think I will be keeping the current design - interesting how I haven't tired of it yet.

Update: The upgrade went well except all the Markdown formatting disappeared. That is also now corrected.

Menu For Hope IV raffle prizes

Just in case you are the odd type of person who reads this blog but not my food blogs, both Just Hungry and Just Bento are offering prizes this year for Menu For Hope, a charity fundraising even that last year managed to raise more than $62,000. This year it will earmark funds towards the World Food Programme's school lunch programme (or program, if you're USen) in Lesotho, Africa.

The Just Hungry prize is for the hedonist: 53 bars of Swiss chocolate (code EU13). And the Just Bento prize is for your favorite bento lover: a box of bento goodies plus a book with English translations (code EU14).

Go ahead and buy tickets for both! It's for a great cause, and will give you warm fuzzies all over.

Moving things about

I have moved the daily picture out of the regular blog stream. If you want to see how it's going, just visit the home page where the latest pic will be posted. Or, follow the daily picture page. For newsreaders here is the daily pics only feed.

Lots and lots of 404s for old content

If you have visited the old pages of this site following links, even links within the site, you would have noticed a ton of 404 (Page not found) errors.

As I've said previously, I did not switch over all the old pages to the new Drupal installation, so this has nothing to do with Drupal.

This is due to one really annoying 'feature' of Movable Type - URLs are not kept in the database. (Since it's not in the database, it doesn't make it to the text backup file either. Incidentally this also applies to Typepad.)

Still working on it....

I am still fiddling with backend stuff so some areas are not as they should be. But I've decided to bring the site live, otherwise I'd tinkering with it forever.


How to get in touch with me

You can:

Woohoo, new site finally

After long weeks of creating and discarding several designs (mainly at the scribble stage), getting distracted with other things, and fiddling around with various blogging systems and CMSes and so on, the site is reborn.

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