17 Oct 2006

Woohoo, new site finally

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After long weeks of creating and discarding several designs (mainly at the scribble stage), getting distracted with other things, and fiddling around with various blogging systems and CMSes and so on, the site is reborn.

I switched, in a lazy way

I have switched to a new system, but my old site, running on Movable Type, is still there intact. Why did I not make the effort and import my old entries? Well, for one thing I knew, from recent experience, that importing Movable Type entries and struction with the old URLs intact is not really a straightforward process. (I shall detail just how much of a nightmare in another post.) But more than that, the new site engine also indicates a new start for my personal site. I would have taken a new domain too, but that would have meant changing my name and I'm not ready to do that at this time :P.

Switched to...

I have switched from Movable Type to Drupal. I gave a lot of thought to Wordpress, ExpressionEngine, and Textpattern, before setting on possibly the most complicated system of them all.

Why Drupal? There are many reasons, but here are a few:

  • It is powerful, and very flexible and extensible, and I think it will handle some things I have in mind to do around here.
  • It is open source. I may be a bit slow but I am finally coming around to seeing the advantages of a robust open source solution.
  • It has a very active community behind it.
  • No more rebuilding with every little tweak!
  • There aren't really many "pretty" personal sites built on Drupal around, since it's mainly used for larger community, news or corporate sites. Or maybe because of its reputation as being difficult. It is a bit hard at the start, but hey, I love a challenge. And the more I get to know it, the more I see all kinds of possibilities for it.

I'll be writing more about the pros and cons of Drupal later on.

So there it is for now. Now let's see if this will make me actually update this site more.

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Wow, looks great. Yay!

Wow, looks great. Yay!

Yep I've left the old site around

..and now they are even viewable! (I screwed up the .htaccess file before so all the old directories returned 403 errors...) I know I need to tinker with some layout issues a bit more too...


I'm sorry. Just saw the Old version-link. (Hitting myself repeatedly over the head)


Love the new colors..! I'd probably do something with the bottom graphics, so that it doesn't leave a big gaping hole for us with resolutions above 1024*768... But apart from that... How about posting a screenshot of the old NANC? Alzheimer is settling in, and I can't for the life of me remember exactly how it used to look like... =/

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