1 Jan 2007

A picture a day for 2007

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I plan to draw, paint or possibly model something every day this year. Mostly I think I will be drawing or painting. It will all be analog - that is, no Photoshop/Illustrator things. I may of course do things in those mediums but they will not count towards the daily exercise.

I am doing this in order to wake up my dormant creative juices, and to practice. I haven't really done much drawing or painting in years, so I'm really rusty. Last year I purchased a bunch of supplies, but got stuck when I thought of what I should actually do with them. Too much thinking, not enough action...typical for me. So this year I will force myself to Just Do It.

I am also feeling increasingly discontented with working only in digital formats, because of the ephemeral nature of these things. The only digital part of the drawings or whatever comes out of my hands would be the scanning or photographing of the object. (I'll put them online for a certain amount of accountability. I hope it doesn't bother people who have subscribed here too much. I don't intend for now to start a new blog for it.)

I have been inspired to do this by the numerous artists' blogs online. I hope that by the end of the year, I'll know in what direction, if any, I can take my artistic inclinations.

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yes, I have to figure

yes, I have to figure outwhat i want to push forward too...though I don't worry about it too much since I regard this site as sort of a playground.


Since you're using Drupal, you actually have the option of not posting the scans to the front page. If you selectively posted your pictures a day to the front page, but posted every one to the category you already have for it, people could subscribe to its feed or visit the category page to see the pictures a day. So far so good, though. I tried "quality control" on my Drupal-powered weblog (important stuff to the front, not-so-important stuff posted but not promoted). I quickly realized there wasn't much I didn't want on the front page, so I wouldn't blame you if you kept everything on the front too.

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